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This 2008 political year is unlike any other in the history of the planet. It is the first time ever where Green / Sustainable Energy / Eco-Issues have had a forefront position in candidate attention and public desire for change.  Is this, in some ways, the Year of the Green Candidate? We shall see.

Among the greenest situations we could uncover were the efforts of The Creative Coalition and Bank of America’s 20 billion dollar ongoing¬†ten year green initiative. We were at the DNC in Denver and fortunate to attend the award presentation to Bank of America by the Creative Coalition.
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Going Green

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The Greening of the American consumer… is underway, and the message from some politicians is: … energy sources need to take a new direction.

But for many of us, the green thing is welcomed, the promise of better by green is popping up everywhere, giving a good chance to pursue great ideas that were dismissed in the past.

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