iHollywood Forum Goes Green

November 17, 2008 by Robin · 11 Comments 

iHollywood Forum made history…

…last year with the first conference to specifically address environmental issues in entertainment and related industries. Join us as we continue the discussion and examine just how far we have come one year later.

Hollywood Goes Green will offer industry insiders a forum to collaborate and develop partnerships for a sustainable future. Be part of this historic gathering for an in-depth exchange of ideas and make deals with influencers who share your passion for protecting the environment.

In recent years, Hollywood has significantly stepped-up its efforts and introduced  to introduce eco-friendly business practices to to preserve the environment and eliminate global warming. Changes in the Music industry, broadcast and cable television, film, games, advertising and other allied businesses all have initiatives for saving Mother Earth while saving money.

Join our visionary speakers for discussion, demos, presentations and education about Hollywood’s central role in saving the environment and  reducing global warming.

Topics include:

  • Why Green is good for the entertainment business
  • Reducing carbon footprints and understanding credit options
  • Financing and pitching environmentally themed films
  • Delivering green messages on cable and television
  • Incorporating green initiatives in advertising campaigns
  • Saving fuel and energy efficient vehicles
  • Evaluating how music initiatives such as the Live Earth concert series can impact global awareness of the environment

Breakout sessions and workshops offer more in-depth group discussion on several hot topics:

  • Sustainable Green building design and renovation
  • Celebrity activism
  • Green marketing and advertising for film and TV
  • Eco-friendly production
  • Adopting paperless practices
  • Working with guilds and environmental organizations

As part of this event, iHollywood Forum will publish a Hollywood Goes Green Handbook containing dozens of articles and practical guidelines and ideas to for implementing strategies addressed at the Hollywood Goes Green conference. It also will be available in a downloadable format on our website.

What does it mean to Go Green?

It means to promote sustainable development without compromising future generations and to reduce the creative industry’s worldwide carbon footprint. While celebrities have long been environmental activists, studios and production companies have been cautious about adopting the green philosophy as it applies to their business operations. Today, green is becoming a way of life within global entertainment business operations with as industry icons  such as Richard Branson and Rupert Murdoch commit their vast empires to the cause.

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