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August 13, 2008 by editor · Leave a Comment 

BETA ARTICLE: The Diesel solution with 25% more efficiency is a celebrity ride: BLUETEC.
Launching a premium SUV—even one powered by diesel—takes something of a leap of faith. And the company ready to leap right now is Mercedes-Benz. Their SUVs and crossovers, the five-seater ML-Class, the seven-passenger GL-Class and the six-seater (with an option for seven) R-Class, now get the option of a 50-state-legal diesel engine: the 320 CDI Bluetec. Benz officials have faith that the high current costs of diesel is an anomaly that will right itself in good time. As diesel fans, we certainly hope so, a 30mpg SUV sounds right to me.

Across winding two-laners here, we recently put the pedal down on the full range of V6 diesel Mercedes-Benz SUVs—ML, GL and R—to find out which ones make the most compelling case for hauling capability, without instilling the fear of a lease for yet another rig with a gas-guzzling V8.
—Colin Ryan

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