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CTN GREEN MAGAZINE always scales to optimize size and quality. No extra click to make it readable, or users lost on some “Zoom Mode” they have to escape from to continue.

STAYING TRUE TO THE PARADIGM The magazine engine had been focus group studied for 6 months during development. It is In-house custom-coded and available for your publication by visiting This was done because all other options currently available fall short of our quality standard and user experience expectations. We command a full screen presence without the added need to zoom even more to become usefully readable. All other systems end up treating you to the equivalent of a PDF.

THIS SYSTEM by CTNDIGITAL is without doubt the best way to tell a story while commanding a full screen presence in an expected manner.

VIDEO Our video streams are specially prepared to arrive gracefully and scale cleanly to any screen resolution. Controls are Play/Pause, progress of download and play position with audio mute, and placed into the page to suit design. A close/exit button upper right will dismiss the video. Many pages have a story to tell that is best done not through reading but by seeing and hearing, hence many will auto-play when the page turn is completed. We also have end-of-play options that provide for yet more re-use of the page, by replacing the area with more info and links to drill down details.

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A Living Document:
CTNgreen magazine is not static, but in fact grows and changes during its lifecycle from issue opening date to the inevitable next issue opening. Its well worth a repeat visit since every couple of days new content, ( perhaps fresh new coupons ) and video interviews and articles are provided to us, if its very cool and very real, then in it goes.

CTN always fills whatever screen you have, as one of the very few best-of-class presentations with as much visual detail as possible. Crisp accurate and beautiful works better than any other mode of screen-based delivery. Virtual and paperless is eco-smart and many times more powerful than anything a paper product can provide,with video and links to your web-presence.

link always goes to the latest issue at

Each page is is one-click linkable ( meaning the magazine loads, gracefully presents the cover and automatically turns to the specific linked page) , Sitemapped ( search engines are page-aware ),  and lives forever once launched. The GET PAGE LINK in the Magazine is a fast copy to clipboard of that page link, to paste into your blog or article. We do not force the user to cough up an email address to do this, no extra effort or compromise is requested or required.

Each page spread has a direct link generator for Twitter and Facebook. Social/viral direct-to-page clicks are easy. Look for the icons bottom center of every page spread.

The One Click Link
In most online magazines, any page inside the online publication is essentially lost until someone happens upon it. In CTNGREEN MAGAZINE we link directly to, and have the ability to directly promote any page within, from anywhere… including our email newsletter and the newsletters of our partners.

For example, current issue link to Pevonia Botanica:

Example LINK URL for Nov 2008, page 24 BAMBOO:

These are our Friends
and we want you to get to know them. Henrik Fisker, designer of the incredibly cool KARMA, Mariel Hemingway ( going green for real, upfront and unbridled ) and Josh Tickell ( rooting for his FUEL Film to get that oscar ), Linda Loudermilk ( Exraordinary fashion eco-lux clothing that feeds your body and soul), Bradford Rand ( the man both behind and in front of the amazing Go Green EXPO), and Terry Torok ( the empassioned filmmaker/ecologist and creative mind behind the Perf GoGreen stuff ) are just a few of the many that we are honored to have a great connection with, and offer you an upclose and real view of it.

Sometimes we encounter a real high value gem in the mix of green things out there. To reward such extra effort, we have an excellence award for 2009, for specific categories in the Green Space. Its always better to have someone-else say nice things about you ( that you deserve ) than it is to toot your own tin horn and do that yourself.

We are sincere in our belief that recognition should be earned and respected, and not subjected to some bulleted criteria or column fodder for coolness in some ‘green-enough’ list. Our way is good old yankee common-sense found from paying attention to details. In some few cases the most quality green people are not even in the spotlight often, do not seek out any awards, and are appropriately humble about it.

LAST CALL for the Summer Issue living document ( this issue ) insertions, Living document update is August 10th - add comment below if you have something that we should cover
Insertion for the Fall Issue are open now — call for that is August 22nd - contact

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