EcoStiletto Fashion by Rachel Sarnoff

December 27, 2008 by Robin · Leave a Comment 

Think you can’t get great organic denim for under a hundred bucks? Think again. Try Good Society, which is all organic cotton, made on vintage shuttle looms, hand-sewn, fair-trade and designed by some geniuses because seriously the fit is buttah. Emphasis on the butt.
But wait, are you sitting on it? Because these babies are $99. That’s right, you heard us loud and clear. The best-fitting organic denim jeans we’ve found in years and they’re selling full-price for less than other eco-faves on sale. Of course, that’s just your basic denim. Any one of eight other washes will set you back an additional 10, count ‘em, $10. Like the gorgeous jet Linden, or weathered Light Vintage, or our personal to-die-for, the oh-so-au-courant, silvery-gray Dayton. $109. Oh, yeah.

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