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April 22, 2009 by Ambassador of Green · 13 Comments 

CTNgreen got a huge amount of very good content for the video mashup, so we are making the movie in segments. One segment will be based on the very cool appeal from our friend John Paul DeJoria, to let “a Big Smile capture it all” .

That single concept is cool. Simple. Smile. Do that for sure. and while you are smiling, take a photo … use your cellphone or anything that works, and send it to and you will be in the Postcards For Earthday Video segment - its free, we make your card and send it back to you with our thanks, cellphone compatible, and of course you are likely to be in yet another video.

Provide your Name ( or a screen name whatever you like ) , City , Country, short quotable message
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The CTN GREEN Earth Day Video Mashup

March 11, 2009 by Ambassador of Green · 3 Comments 

Earthday Video Mashup - Celebration Edit from CTN GREEN on Vimeo.

This is the first segment of 5 - so if your video isn’t here, no worries… its coming up soon, or if you haven’t sent yours in, NOW is a great time to do it - Happy Earthday - send short videos ( less than 20 megs ) - to as attachments

Join the list - and send us a link to your short clip about your Message to the Earth for earth day or earth hour video. ( we love the 60 Minute Earthhour stuff - after you send your entry to them, add it to our mashup too… )

You will be supporting a few great causes… getting your message out there ( self promoting is fine with us as long as its about Earth Day) - All it takes to be entered in our contest and get your message included in a video for the Earthday Video Mashup Project is to OPT into it by checking the EARTHDAY MASHUP checkbox at signup.

The only way to participate is to get on this list:

HELLO to Mexico, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Holland and Brazil!
we got some stuff from the global community but want you all to know you are important to us and we would very much like your earthday messages, in your country language. To make this a bit easier, we have added some email accounts that will accept attachments up to 30 megs.

Please send Digicam/cameraphone messages to:

for those people that do photography, poetry, music and spoken word, please send to:

We will eMail you all the insider details - and enter you in this great event, and now is when to do it, since editing the final mashup video takes some time and effort, the first-in Best Stuff will most likely get the best placement in the final cut and win something for it.
- we prefer to accept your videos from these upload video networks:

you have to signup to allow us to use your video entries … but whatever works for you is fine with us.

Check out LOLA BERRY ! her great piece is #1 at the moment..

Get the particulars by signing up now - and make a very short cool clip to win!

NOTE: Vimeo, Current, and CauseCast are in no way directly involved in CTNgreen’s Earthday Mashup contest and assume no responsibility for it or its outcome. It is totally a User Generated Content by Opt-in to inform CTNgreen of your acceptance to join in this endeavor, logos & trademarks belong to their respective owners, your mileage may vary, please do not submit copywrited content from Broadcasts or swipe content without permission, and DO have FUN with your EarthDay Message.

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