Soundgarden back at Lollapalooza

April 11, 2010 by editor 


After a thirteen year hiatus the ultra-heavy grungers of Soundgarden are back in the studio again and, even better, back on stage together. For frontman Chris Cornell, who has directed Audioslave and recorded three solo records in the meantime, there was no better place for this reunion to occur. “I’ve played more shows in Chicago [than anywhere else],” said Chris, alluding to his affection for The Windy City. In their younger years, Soundgarden treated the city as a base-of-sorts because of Kim Thayil – guitarist and life-long Park Forest, Chicago resident. That Sunday, it was a sweet feeling tinged with sour. The old-guard was definitely there, as forty-somethings pushing ear-muffed toddlers in strollers was a common sight, and a few of the younger fans managed to pull themselves away from The Arcade Fire for this performance. But to put it simply there was a simultaneous vibe of awe and nonacceptance. During their famous Black Hole Sun, the crowd managed to chant out the refrain, but many of the lesser-known tunes left people gently swaying or bobbing their heads trying to keep up with Kim’s arpeggios and bassist Ben Shepherd’s rumbling notes.  Cornell’s vocals were powerful but off at times while drummer Matt Cameron (who drums for Pearl Jam, as well) delivered in timely fashion as he always does, banging along with the wildly orchestrated, off-beat, and jazz-influenced slamming rhythms he’s known for. A few folks in the crowd insisted that they sounded like it was still 1997. Others were delighted to hear one of the heaviest bands in rock and roll back together.  It was an experience any true Soundgarden fan could easily enjoy, but a show somebody unfamiliar with the group would have had trouble digesting.


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  1. The Mind Relaxer on May 1st, 2010 8:12 am

    This is good news, everybody should be going to this kind of green living.

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