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Bonnaroo believes our community of partners, fans, and musicians work to change the world everyday. We hope to support and encourage these actions by providing a space for discussion, education, and activism.




The Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival is proud to announce exciting new environmental initiatives for its 2009 event, set to take place June 11-14 on a beautiful farm in Manchester, Tennessee. This year’s programs further Bonnaroo’s longstanding sustainability tradition, which won the festival outstanding marks from UK organization A Greener Festival, a rare distinction among music events worldwide. With new onsite utility sources, water initiatives and an emphasis on buying local, Bonnaroo continues to provide a first-rate entertainment experience while fostering a community that cares for our planet. So far, 40 percent of patrons have participated in Bonnaroo’s “green ticket” program, adding a donation to their ticket orders to support the festival’s large-scale environmental efforts.

This year, Bonnaroo will concentrate on a “buy local” message by purchasing as many supplies and utilities from its own Tennessee area as possible. To keep the message reverberating throughout its ranks, Bonnaroo will provide a list of regional food purveyors strongly recommended to all festival vendors and educate patrons about local sourcing in their daily lives.

Through ongoing sustainable site improvements, Bonnaroo will be better equipped to utilize resources in its vicinity. New electricity facilities will allow the festival to plug directly into the local Duck River grid, reducing generator use by 70 percent and virtually eliminating the festival’s need for biodiesel fuel. Tying into the grid also makes it possible for the festival to purchase green power offsets directly from the Tennessee Valley Authority. Other onsite features include permanent water wells, a composting pad and the newly planted Bonnaroo Victory Vegetable Garden to be used for demonstration and education at the festival. Plans for future sustainability projects include a solar array to power the festival and supply energy for the TVA grid throughout the year. With increasing quantities of power, water, food and supplies streaming straight from its Tennessee home, Bonnaroo is moving ever closer to the sustainability ideal its fan base supports.

In an effort to raise awareness of water issues facing the world, reduce waste and upgrade onsite drinking water, Bonnaroo is teaming up with Stanley nineteen13 for its Bottle-less Water Program. In addition to the usual free high quality well water, patrons will enjoy free filtered drinking water from stations throughout the festival. Stanley has created a limited edition reusable Bonnaroo water bottle for the program, and together they will donate one dollar per bottle sold to Global Water Challenge, an organization that is generating an international movement to meet the urgent need for safe water and sanitation.

As always, Bonnaroo will run an extensive recycling and composting program in partnership with Clean Vibes, an organization that diverts half of the festival’s total waste from landfills. Educational signage and “trash talkers” will coach patrons on which kinds of trash belong in which bins at the festival. Fans can also bring bags of recyclables and compostables to the Trading Post to exchange for rewards such as artist memorabilia, vendor vouchers and other prizes.

Bonnaroo 2009 also brings back the popular Planet Roo village, an area dedicated to preserving the environment and promoting healthy living. Non-profit organizations, eco-friendly vendors and performers will gather there to educate patrons about what they can do to enhance their own health as well as the planet’s. Fans who stop by Planet Roo will have the chance to learn about alternative fuels and energy sources, eat organic food at a waste-free restaurant and hear festival artists discuss topics related to the environment. Representatives from dozens of organizations such as Global Water Challenge, Carbon Shredders, Rock the Earth, Farm Aid and Oxfam will interact with fans and artists to raise awareness about environmental and political issues.

For a complete list of Bonnaroo greening initiatives, visit:

Become a Bonnaroo stakeholder, opt in when you buy your ticket. Your contribution will support the development and implementation of sustainable improvements in Manchester. We will report back each year to let you know what you?ve made possible. With your support we can continue to make the most sustainable choices while maintaining the ultimate experience for the fan, and setting the standard in sustainability and greening practices.

Sign up now to help make Bonnaroo the cleanest festival on the planet. Go on over to to see how you can get involved!

Check out our 2008 Greening By the Numbers section here. Stay tuned for information about how we are implementing our 2009 goals! Let us know what you think we should do for 2009, go to the greening forum and post ideas.

Bonnaroo was excited to announce this year that it is one of 6 festivals in the world to win the Greener Festival’s OUTSTANDING Greener Festival Award, their highest honor, for 2008. While we’ve received their regular festival awards twice, this is the first year we’ve received an Outstanding Festival award. Thank you for your commitment to reduce, reuse, and recycle throughout the festival, it’s a team effort!


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