Going Paperless… ?

January 10, 2009 by Ambassador of Green 

Alas , true indie paper pubs, be they recycled fibers or not, are dissappearing at a stuning rate. We got the news through elephant journal, themselves a recently gone paperless publication, and they got the news through our friends at ecorazzi who got the news from Gawker. Its not that bad news travels fast, its that the web travels fast.

– bottom line, there are a lot fewer indie-green printrags out there on the stands now. Virtualization shall rule: web-enabled work appears to run the economy of cost-effective pub media for 2009.

CTN has always been targeting the best-of virtual mag marketspace, but we never felt competitive at all with our friends at other sites and print pubs… they are all dedicated smart and very sincere people well worth having around. 
but it looks like …


are indeed a dying breed.


Waylon Lewis of elephant has lived through this and says it so well, that we humbly defer to excerpting his words and encourage you to read it all at elephant journal


    ecorazzi says it looks like Plenty magazine is RIP, including its web site—the latest victim of the great, sad, green print burn-off I recently discussed. I say, thank god I never took on investors. See, Plenty had a ton of enthusiastic advertisers—there’s no reason they couldn’t’ve transitioned to web, which is tough, humbling, but far greener and less hypocritical anyways.So why didn’t they go paperless? When you’re largely owned by backseat drivers, and you fail to get additional funding, you find yourself no longer steering your own destiny. It is sad, as Ecorazzi and others say…but I say that green media needs to also be independent, so we can make the tough editorial and business choices without carping from the rich seats. We need to be able to criticize the hands that feed us (big advertisers), and do so fairly and constructively, when called for.

    Thirdly, we need to be able to resist the temptation to franchise, a popular business model that puts national media in direct competition with local media—the equivalent of Whole Foods putting a farmers’ market out of business. We need to be either local or national, competing with folks our own size.We need to change the world, and have a good time doing so.

    If Lester Brown and his peers are to be believed, we need widespread, coordinating, top-down change—within now only one year. And if we’re gonna get some real leadership, then the bottom-up grassroots—We, the People—must be motivated and coordinated in giving our leadership the cojones to lead.

    “We here at elephant see our job as uniting three disparate communities: environmentalism, spirituality and religion, and politics. Without a modern, non-theistic yet profound spiritual practice, how do we learn to be good, sane, caring people and communities—and how do we realize that mindfulness in every moment and everyday life immediately translates into a fervent wish to live in harmony with our earth? And with those two established—our personal practice and practical disciplines—we naturally enter society actively, with caring, and without righteous aggression. That’s ele’s mission—to provide communication between those three ’silos,’ and as Robin Williams says in Dead Poets’ Society, to know when we come to the end that we have lived life.”

Well said. Apparently PLENTY has folded, so anyone from there thay may want to continue in the cause, please contact us at CTNgreen … lets talk.

Elephant Journal has been a place i visit a lot, its also a pub gone paperless, and Waylon Lewis tells the story well. Genuine people are far too few in this world of hype without care of consequence, so add a bookmark to www.elephantjournal.com if anything but to at least have a place to visit that can restore your faith when you need to.

Regs and greenkeeping,
Jeff at CTNgreen dot com


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